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Touch, Taste & Travel

Travel with IGT

Touch, Taste & Travel

A multi-sensorial experience to better enjoy your travel. 

Touch (touch and live unique experiences)

The idea of ​​"touch" takes inspiration from the concept to see with our own eyes, living the experience of travelling in an authentic, unique way, according to the rules of the "art de vivre".

Taste (food and wine)

The taste is one of the most important ways and, considering the great gastronomic heritage of Italy, in all our tour we give great importance to this aspect, to tastes and flavours of the region, from the delicacies and culinary masterpieces of nouvelle cuisine to home made dishes, typical of Italian culture.

Travel (idea of travelling, living something which will enrich us ...... idea of ​​making a trip as a time to spend something wonderful).

Travel as somehing to explore, learn, live.


Moving from one place to another, sinking into the local culture, having fun, learning and enriching our knowledge.