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Authentic Slow Living:    “Authentic” as in “Unique”. “Slow” as in “The Art of Living” “Living” as in “Experience”


Authentic Slow Living:    “Authentic” as in “Unique”. “Slow” as in “The Art of Living” “Living” as in “Experience”

I go travel agrees with the thought of the great soprano Leontyne Price, recognizing that true luxury is taking the time to do what you really want, desire, yearn to do. According to us, the journey is not just getting away from the usual routine, to devote himself to something different. According to us, the journey is the time during which a person invests in the most important asset: his time. Reading a book, enjoying the delights of the area, visiting a museum, going shopping or immerse yourself in the local culture and learning the ways and customs of the locals. In other words, living the trip, enjoying every single moment, appreciating the value of authenticity and the luxury of being able to have a good time in a unique, personal, exciting way "Authentic Slow Living" as we like to say.

Everybody loves travelling, learning, exploring, testing something different. And we all have the right to imagine the journey as we like, ad hoc, according to our tastes and our interests. And to make it happen we'll think about it.


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