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  • Vercelli “Granges Road” and amazing landscapes;
  • Principality of Lucedio, the place where the Italian rice cultivation was born;
  • Ancient machinery and tradition: Antica Riseria San Giovanni Watermill.


Trip designed in collaboration with Miriam Canonica


A large hourglass which contains grains of sand of infinite shapes and colours: this is the province of Vercelli, a territory with its unusual borders that embraces the entire course of the Sesia River from the Monte Rosa to the Po River and encloses an incredible variety of landscapes and natural environments. The area is nearly entire cultivated with rice, the “gold” of this small corner of  Piedmont, and is famous for the extraordinary spring display of the submerged rice fields: the plain is transformed into an immense chessboard of water mirrors, punctuated by farmsteads and poplar trees here and there; this is the "sea to small squares". 

Today we’ll explore the strip of land that stretches from Vercelli to Crescentino, the “Granges Road”, an area rich in ancient traditions and cultural spots.

Our guide wait for you at Vercelli railway station, point of departure/arrival. The first stop is the Principality of Lucedio, founded in 1123 by the Cistercian Monks that reclaimed the land starting here, first in Italy, rice growing at the beginning of the XV century. As time went by, thanks to its strategic geographic position along the Via Francigena, the Abbey became a prosperous centre of economic and political power: three were the Popes that visited Lucedio. Several noble Italian families fought for the possession of Lucedio which from the Gonzaga passed to the Savoy until it has been annexed to the properties of Napoleon at the beginning of the XIX century. Later on, the Abbey became property of the Marquis Giovanni Gozani di San Giorgio, the ancestor of the present owner, Countess Rosetta Clara Cavalli d’Olivola Salvadori di Wiesenhoff.. The second main attraction is the ancient Antica Riseria San Giovanni, an old factory for refining of rice built in 1878 close to the watermill of the same name, built in 1465 during the construction of the Roggia Camera canal, realized for wish of the Marquis of Monferrato Gugliemo VIII.

It’s incredibly fascinating looking at the entire operation process: a lot of transmission shafts, wheels, pulleys, wooden gears, sieves and elevators are moving through leather straps, activating the machinery for the complicated process of the refinery of rice ! After the visit return to Vercelli along the beautiful “Granges Road”, stop at Vercelli railway station and end of the tour. “Arrivederci”.








Prices per person

10-14 pax: € 59 / 15-19 pax: € 42 / 20-24 pax: € 33



Price includes:

  • pick-up and drop off at Vercelli railway station;
  • half-day english speaking guide;
  • Principality of Lucedio and Antica Riseria San Giovanni guided tour;
  • entrance fee.


Price excludes:

  • gratuities (optional);
  • lunch or dinner can be arranged upon prior request (at the time of booking) and will be quoted separately;
  • anything not mentioned in “Price Includes”.



Times and hours have to be confirmed according to the pick-up/drop off points.


9:00 am: meeting with our guide and transfer to the Principality of Lucedio

9:45 am: Principality of Lucedio guided tour

11:15 am: transfer to Antica Riseria San Giovanni and visit

12:30 pm: departure from Antica Riseria San Giovanni and transfer to Vercelli railway station



2:00 pm: meeting with our guide and transfer to the Principality of Lucedio

2:45 pm: Principality of Lucedio guided tour

4:15 pm: transfer to Antica Riseria San Giovanni and visit

5:30 pm: departure from Antica Riseria San Giovanni and transfer to Vercelli railway station


Meeting Point

  • Vercelli railway station (close to the bar Chef Express).
  • In case of different pick-up/drop off points contact us.


Additional Information

  • The tour is available Monday to Saturday. Sunday on request;
  • If some of the attractions/suppliers mentioned above are not available they will be replaced by others of the same quality;
  • Booking: at least 7 days in advance;
  • Cancellation Policies: please, see Terms and Conditions on our website



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