Italy Trips

A selection by I GO Travel of the best italian experiences. Both for first time visitors and for travellers that already know the Country and/or prefer to discover a different and more unusual Peninsula. Classic tours and off the beaten paths proposals to get the best out of our wonderful Italy.

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Best Italy Tours

A collection of tours and itineraries dedicated to first time visitors and to people that return to Italy to deep in the culture...

Exclusive Italian Tours

WE HEAR YOU. There is nothing better than tasting your way through Italy country for your quick couples’ getaway!...

Look Inside Walk Outside

Slow down. Take a walk. Enjoy nature. Immerse yourself. Forget busy cities, crowded tourist destinations, and canned...

Day Trips

A collection of SCHEDULED TOURS and experiences. They all have GUARANTEED DEPARTURES meaning that even with only 2 people the tour...

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