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“Piedmont, like a fine wine, has been some time in the making”


Truffle hunting & tasting;
Barolo & Barbaresco experience: winery tour & tasting;
Cooking class experience;
Cheese & medieval villages;
Vercelli: risotto, rice tradition & art;
Lake Maggiore and its beautiful Islands;
Turin: art, royal heritage & chocolate
 “Piedmont, like a fine wine, has been some time in the making” 

Did you know that...?

A bit of Piedmont from an Outsider’s perspective …

One day  I decided to explore the Northwest of Italy

Some travelers told me that this part of Italy is famous for wine, food and authentic local traditions that still live in this small corner of Italy. 

I am not a typical traveller. I would define myself as a “little Indiana Jones”, as a person who love authenticity and the sense and value of “small” things.  When I got here I asked the name of the area and a friendly-old wine grower told me that I was in Piedmont. After few minutes of explanations (I did not know that Piedmont means “at the foot of the mountain”) about the territory the old man invited me at lunch - I was starving ! Before eating he asked me an help to look for a very special mushroom that grows in this area, whose name is truffle. I was with him and his trusty dog and together we found it ! I ate tajarin with truffle and drank two glasses of typical wines called Barolo and Barbaresco.


After lunch I said “hello” to the old man who suggested to visit the surrounding territories, rich in art, history food and wine tradition. I travelled north to south, east to west, I ate “Risotto” - typical Italian dish of  Vercellese area - the “hidden secrets” of  hand made pasta, I visited the small villages, the land of Great Lakes and I discovered the secrets and the history of Turin, capital of Piedmont. I met wonderful people and, before leaving, I decided to write this short story to invite people like me to live these beautiful experiences which can be defined in three words: Authentic - Slow - Living


Welcome to Piedmont !

The Anonymous Traveller 


Day 1

Welcome to Italy !

We suggest Turin or Milan airport as a point of arrival.

You will be met on your arrival by one of our trusted tour leader who will be with you throughout the tour. Leaving the city you will soon begin to see unique landscapes that change according to the season, from the lively and green tones of color characterizing spring and summer through to the spellbinding atmosphere of autumn that with its passing gives way to a mantle of white snow clothing this zone during the winter months. In a short space of time we will reach your preferred accommodation. Unpack, relax and take the beauty of surroundings. Following an enchanting dinner with typical products of the zone, a well earned rest in tranquillity is what the doctor ordered !


Day 2

After a day of relax it is time to begin your journey in one of of the most beautiful and enchanting regions of Italy. After breakfast you will broaden your knowledge about Piedmotese gastronomic traditions thanks to one of the most enjoyable and amazing activities, a must for all discerning gastronomists: the truffle hunting ! You start your truffle hunt at the doorway of one of the region's finest wine areas. A brief walk through the  vineyards to enjoy the scenic views and then you are in the woods exploring with your truffle expert and his dog. Sniffing through the misty woods of Piedmont the truffle-hunting dog will suddenly search in one specific spot. He will dig his paws into the crunchy soil. The truffle hunter will rapidly stop the dog and using his fingers to gingerly explore further he will remove his treasure: a large walnut-sized truffle. After the search not having the chance to taste it would be a pity ! A dish of tajarin with truffle is the perfect lunch ! After a culinary immersion it’s time to be introduced to the top Italian wines: have you ever heard of Barolo and Barbaresco ? We will take you to visit a winery located in the middle of the Piedmotese hills, as hidden as splendid. During the winery tour you will broaden your knowledge about the provenience, the methods  and the differences among the wines of the area, some of the most known in the world.

Last but not least you’ll taste the “nectar of the Gods”: Barolo, “the wine of kings, the king of wine”, Barbaresco, “the Princess”.



Day 3

Forget about your diet when you come to Northwest Italy ! Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean, with influences from the former Savoy royal court combined with hearty peasant fare, with dash of Mediterranean Sea and blessed with a marvelous climate, Piedmont culinary tradition is Italian food at its best ! Our cookery course take place in a very relaxing location in the hills of  Piedmont, where we live and offer to the people from all over the world a real full immersion in the Italian life and gastronomy. Nowadays life is too complicated and stressful..we simply offer a different way to conceive life and traditions. Our cookery courses aim to make people understand that there is always a part of us we do not know. Eat your own home made fresh pasta, learn how to do it without the help of any machinery … or learn to create delicious desserts and enjoy !! Far away from the cities and the chaos you can experience the Italian way of doing. After lunch visit at one of the most important castles of Piedmont, the Grinzane Cavour Castle stands in one of the most spectacular settings in the Langhe, just 5 km from Alba. The imposing building, erected around a central tower dating back to the first half of the XI century, can be admired in all its original beauty following the restoration that began in 1960, in celebration of the first centenary of the Unification of Italy.

Day 4

The cheese day. After cornetto and cappuccino it ’s time to move to a very typical farmhouse located between the rolling hills of south Piedmont. Together with an expert you will see the entire cheese-making process, from milk to cheese. You will understand the complex process and the “hidden secrets” left by grandparents, the ancient rules and the ones to get healthy and tasty cheese. After having lunch in a typical farm house we will take you to visit the small Medieval villages which surrounds the area.


Day 5

After breakfast we leave the enchanting and gentle hills to reach the Vercellese plain, a large hourglass which contains grains of sand of infinite shapes and colours: this is the province of Vercelli, a territory with its unusual borders that embraces the entire course of the Sesia River from the Monte Rosa to the Po River and encloses an incredible variety of landscapes and natural environments but also those with historical and artistic elements and those  with numerous and amazing cultural spots. In the morning we will visit the Principato of Lucedio an ancient abbey founded in 1123 by Cistercian monks that reclaimed the territory, introducing the first in Italy, at the beginning of ‘400, the cultivation of rice. Here the most common dish is  the “risotto”, so not miss the chance to taste it ! In the afternoon, after lunch, visi to the city of Vercelli, one of the oldest urban sites in northern Italy that was founded, according to most historians, around the  year 600 BC.

Day 6

Have you ever heard of Borromeo Family ? Today it’s time to visit one of the most beautiful places where the Family establishes long time ago: the Borromean Islands, situated in the district of Great Lakes. Immersed in the marvelous and suggestive waters of Lake Maggiore they are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Loved by Ernest Hemingway and, in more recent times, by the English Royals, this Archipelago is made up of the monumental Isola Bella, with its 17th-Century Palazzo Borromeo, surrounded by scenographic gardens, the picturesque Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Island) and Isola Madre. On the way back scenic route along the sea shores, one of the most beautiful and enchanting of Italy !


Day 7

Turin, the first capital of Italy, a fascinating city disseminated with testimonials of the past that tell of a history that began over 2000 years ago.



The city was capital of Savoy Reign and thanks to them today is one of the most important European cities for art, culture and architecture. Great architectural works from the past and present co-exist in Turin: masterpieces from the Baroque and Liberty period without forgetting buildings, architectural development and avant-garde infrastructures constructed for the occasion of the 2006 Olympic Games. Do you know that Turin is one of the most famous cities for chocolate  tradition ? In the afternoon we will take you to a very nice and familiar chocolate gourmet artisan shop, where is gonna be possible tasting this amazing Italian delicacy !


Day 8

After breakfast, according to your flight schedule, we will take you to the departure airport of Turin or Milan. Thanks for wonderful moments spent together and….”Arrivederci” to the next adventure !






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